Bananas and Crocs – A Spiritual Dream

Bananas and Crocs – A Spiritual Dream

I want to share with you a spiritual dream that I had few years ago. Not all dreams are a communication from the Lord. But you will be able to discern which ones are. We see throughout in the bible how God often communicated through dreams, not only to His people but even to the heathens. Some dreams were very direct and needed no interpretation while some were symbolic and a correct interpretation was needed to unfold the meaning or message behind the dream. Even today God sometimes uses dreams to show insights, warnings, directions, clarity, confirmations and to even impart a spiritual gift.

This particular dream that God gave is prophetic in nature as it was an insight or key to overcome issues that I was facing that time and for those that will unfold in future. This will greatly benefit others as this insight is timeless and will help the larger body of Christ too.


In the dream I was standing on a road. Behind me was a school building and in front of me, a big playground. The playground was covered with water. It looked as if the playground was a shallow swamp. Suddenly a couple of huge crocodiles started to emerge from the playground and started coming towards me. These crocodiles were massive. I turned back and started climbing the wall of the school building. While going up, I looked down and to my utter shock these crocodiles too were on the walls of the school building and were moving up.  Though I was climbing a bit faster these crocodiles were nevertheless moving slowly towards me. In my mind I was thinking how could this be? How could the crocodiles climb like this on the walls?

So as I continued to go up, I came to a certain section on the wall. This was a small piece of concrete platform attached to the wall. It was a small area that I could step into. As I stepped aside, I noticed a bunch of many small banana’s kept there. I plucked one small banana from that bunch and threw at the crocodile. To my surprise, the moment this small banana just touched the crocodile’s body, the crocodile got knocked off and fell down. And I was thinking, “Wow, how could this be? ” and I took another banana and threw at the other crocodile. Again, the same result. I was so amazed thinking, “How could this small banana take out such a massive crocodile with merely a touch and go action”. Then I climbed down to see if crocodiles were still there on the ground. When I reached down, the crocodiles weren’t there.


Crocodiles here represent issues or situations in our life that are big, intimidating and challenging. They also represent bondage, pet/secret sins and mental strongholds that we find very difficult to get rid of.

The field or the playground represents the world. The crocodiles emerging from the playground symbolically means that these strongholds or challenges arise from life situations or from our circle of relationships or due to the worldly influence and temptations. I was standing on a road between the school building and the field. It symbolically means that we have come out of our former ungodly lifestyle. We were partakers of ungodly ways of the world before we got saved.

The school building represents spiritual training and learning. It is God’s school of training where we learn and grow in the knowledge of God. Climbing vertically up means growing in our relationship with God and learning His ways.

The picture of crocodiles chasing is interpreted as certain things that seem to have a grip on our life. We feel we are being chased. These are strongholds, weaknesses in our life that we find hard to overcome. Even though we are pursuing God and desiring to grow spiritually, these strongholds continue to follow us. Even though we are progressing in the things of the spirit and maturing spiritually we are finding hard to win this battle.

But as we press on we come to a place of divine spiritual armory. This is represented in the dream where I step into a small area attached to the wall and where I find a bunch of small bananas. In the dream I wondered how on earth can this tiny banana can ever knock out such huge intimidating fierce crocodile. Bananas here represent revelation knowledge. One single, small and simple revelation can take down a massive challenge or stronghold in our life. Jesus said you shall know the truth ( revelation ) and the truth will set you free.

On first look the bananas may seem insignificant and useless against the crocodile. But something in me just made me pluck one from the bunch and throw it at the crocodile. And it worked. You must realize that these truths merely as intellectual knowledge may give the appearance of no good against your situation but if you take time to ponder and dig deeper to grasp the revelation and believe it, these may be the very divine keys to counter the attacks and lies of the enemy.

Jonathan Welton in one of his books wrote this, “Most true spiritual warfare takes place in the arena of truth versus lies.” And I believe this is true. In the book of proverbs, it says, “As a man thinketh, so he is“. Revelation knowledge is God revealing a truth that will diffuse a lie that perpetually messes you up or keeps you in bondage. No matter how big or hard is the stronghold. No matter how long you have struggled or failed continually. But it can be knocked down with just a simple revelation. Revelation brings a change in perspective and hence a change in actions. Revelation empowers.


1. You need to be hungry for a breakthrough. A passive approach will do no good.  You must have a burning desire to walk and enjoy perpetual freedom from things that mess you up or keep you in bondage. Get sick and tired of slavery.

2. Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom, understanding and revelation that will help you to overcome specific challenging and intimidating personal issues or life situations. The Holy Spirit is your Helper and Counselor. Ask Him to help you discern the web of lies weaved by the enemy to keep you in bondage. Let these truths be burned into your heart.

3. Meditate on the word of God and get hold of books written by certain authors that will give more understanding and clarity on the issues that you are facing. Many of these books are inspired by the Holy Spirit and will give you more insights.

4. Don’t let discouragement or frustration stop you from pursuing God. As you press in, surely you will find freedom. God is bigger than your challenge. No bondage is permanent. No temptation is overwhelming. The devil wants you to believe that there is no way out. He is a liar. You are just a revelation away to freedom.

By Sachin George